Thursday, October 15, 2015

Using "#" in SharePoint Navigation items

Morning folks, that's going to be one of my favorite blog post types - a short one :) 

Yesterday I've had to design a Help Section for our Intranet. I thought that this shouldn't be a static Word or PDF document, but instead wanted to make it a bit more dynamic and engaging to the users. That means a page or a site... whatever you choose, based on how big your Help Section would grow... and what's the current level of training of your users. I'll use a site for my solution having in mind it's easy to scale this up. So... what I want to have in there is something like this nice and modern-looking FAQ template by CodyHouse.

The functionality to click on a category (Basic) for example and automatically scroll to the respective section on the page (ul with id #basic) is what I found challenging with the current setup in SharePoint.
Instead of using a custom categories list in the page, my goal is to use the container for the Current Navigation (Quick Launch) which is already there. This will give us consistent look & feel across the whole site.

The problem I've found today is that "#" is actually not working in the links of the SharePoint navigation...if you're using Structural Navigation for your site. No matter where you insert it, on save your links will always default. To see what I mean, here's the link that I insert and save.

In the reality, I get this in the browser (all of them):

So... my solution was a quick win this time - switch to Managed Navigation for this site, create a termset for it and use Simple Links for the navigation terms. Works as a charm.

What you see... what you get:

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