Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Calculated fields with HTML in SharePoint Online lists are GONE.

Updated 15/09/2017: This feature has been extended up to 28/02/2018.

So today I just found out that many of the lists that I've created for Projects, task lists etc. have gotten pretty bad looks. I mean... BAD. This # field should be displaying the color background of the task number, according to the task status...NOT today.

I've also used this to display website links in a pretty way, as well as some traffic lights for project statuses. Then I stumped onto this message in the tenant's Office 365 Message Center.

Turns out, this "undocumented" feature, which exists since ages is taken away IN A DAY. Thanks, Microsoft. Good job in notifying us and making the transition so smooth. I have now requested an extension and let's see what happens...