Monday, November 23, 2015

1 TB space in SharePont Online! /not OneDrive/

Update 18/02. The space has reappeared (this time as 1 TB - expected) although the feature on the roadmap is still "In Development".

Update: Microsoft has reclaimed this space and when talking to them, they said this was "a test 2 TB rollout to select tenants", and ours is not a First Release one. Shame.

Anyway, they said by the end of January all tenants (first they claimed Enterprise only) should get upgraded to 1 TB.

On this foggy November morning, I've logged in to the admin panel in one SPO tenant and saw this!

Prior to Friday afternoon, that space was ~130 GB, based on the well-known formula 10 GB + 0.5 GB per licensed user. 

The O365 roadmap says Office 365 tenants will now get 1TB + (500MB * # of E/A/G users) but this feature is still in development, and our tenant is not a FR one.

Have you already observed the storage increases in your tenants?

By the way, thanks Microsoft! Really generous :)

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