Thursday, December 3, 2015

Office 365 down in Europe

Today Office 365 went down in Europe and it's down since more than 3 hours at the time of this post.

OK, Microsoft, it's technology - we get it, and you'd still make the numbers in the SLA report due to the high number of users you've got.

But there's something more worrying in today's scenario - communication!

Wouldn't it be nice to put up something on the page rather than the bogus message below? And not asking people to login to their tenants and check their dashboards? When in fact they CAN'T login at the time of calling you...

People are relying on this platform for their daily jobs, and a good communication would have been key in user satisfaction with the products. The communications today is absolutely ridiculous.

I even got a call from one of your support reps asking me to do a remote session and see one of our other issues we're experiencing, so I kindly had to inform him everything is DOWN in Europe!

Meanwhile, we had to find the hard way what's working and what's not, e.g;

- OneDrive sync is working
- OneNote sync is working
- Yammer mobile app is fine (if you haven't logged out)
- Everything else is FINE if you were logged in and haven't logged our prior to 11:00 this morning.

I'd say this is a complete communication failure on your end today...

And while you've put this nice little "warning" message on the Azure portal status, it's still unclear and doesn't mention Office 365 (you need to be aware it's dependent on Azure) and it's saying North and West Europe...while NO ONE in Europe can't go to the Login Portal.

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